Aktuelle Meldungen

25.3.2024 AspenOne Engineering suite will be upgraded to V14.2 from Sommersemester.
29.9.2023 Important: Some of the software are unavailable due to licenses. This is predicted be solved before begin of WS23. Software like Matlab and Python are not impacted.
6.11.2023 AspenOne is available again in CIP-Pool.
24.10.2023 The website of CIP-Pool can be accessed via SSL encrypted connection again.
14.9.2023 MATLAB R2023a is or will be installed.
19.7.2023 Wegen Umstellung vom Belegungsplan ist der ursprüngliche Kalender momentan nicht zugreifbar. Den aktuellen Belegungsplan finden Sie ausschließlich im campo.
11.7.2023 Map in Lageplan is changed to RRZE OpenStreetMap, in which organizations of FAU are particularly marked
11.5.2023 MATLAB R2023a is ready to be distributed to Pool Computers

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